LONDON, ONT -- Bird Canada announced that 500 Bird Two e-scooters are now available for use in the region, Saturday morning.

The deployement of Bird e-scooters in Windsor Ont., is part of a one-year shared e-scooter pilot approed by the City of Windsor, to help residents access a low-cost way to get around, Bird Canada said in a release.

Bird Canada along  with the City of Windsor, will be placing the e-scooters throughout an area bounded by the Riverfront pathway, Prince, Tucumseh and Drouillard Road.

A local team will manage  the roll-out and educate users on e-scooter safety protocols."

All e-scooters deployed for this pilot will feature Windsor-specific branding, and are available to  rent.

“As the exclusive provider of e-scooters to the City of Windsor for the duration of this pilot, we have a great opportunity to showcase our unique differentiators to the rest of Canada,” said Stewart Lyons, CEO of Bird Canada.

“From the way we operate to our focus on rider safety and scooting etiquette for the benefit of all residents and visitors, Bird Canada is the top choice for e-scooter deployments in other cities around the country.”