The Town of Amherstburg has introduced a new way for its 22,000 residents to offer their input.

The town has launched a website called “Talk the Burg.”

CAO John Miceli says it’s an easy way for residents to offer their views on the municipality – whether it’s about the waterfront redevelopment plan or public transit or community policing.

“All these initiatives, we want to get community consultation on them because it allows us to make better decisions" insists Miceli, who responds to all of the messages.

Miceli tells CTV Windsor he is overwhelmed by the response in this first week of operation.

The user-friendly website features polls, surveys and discussion forums.

Social media experts suggest it’s a great tool for residents in today’s ‘hustle and bustle’ society.

"It allows the community to feel like they're being heard,” says John Marc Vachon of WEtech Alliance. “It's a two-way street and platform and you can communicate back and forth."

The town purchased a subscription to the software for $10,000 a year.

Vachon calls it a great investment to engage residents, build trust and transparency in the decision-making process.

“It will give council a better idea of where we're heading, because we've got all the analytics there to support it” adds Miceli. “It will reinforce for council when they make that decision that they're making the right decision."