An Ottawa family is now dealing with the loss of their beloved service dog after it was found dead.

Jackie Hicks posted the news on Facebook Sunday evening.

“My heart breaks. With sadness I write that Sasha has crossed over the rainbow bridge. I am very sad to say she was hit by a vehicle probably two days ago and didn't make it,” said Hicks in the online post.

Hicks called Essex County OPP to report that their 3-year-old Golden Retriever ran from the area of the 6th Concession of Colchester South, near Heritage Village, while the family was visiting for Thanksgiving.

Hicks’ son and daughter both have Autism and depended upon the therapeutic qualities, guidance and companionship of this dog.

"Words cannot express the sincere gratitude I feel to the people of Essex County and Windsor. The care and support the community has provided is beyond imaginable. Thank you to everyone who took time from their families to help mine. I am forever grateful," said Hicks.