The evidence room in the basement of Windsor police headquarters is filling up with lost and stolen bikes.

So far this year, Sgt, Matt D’Asti says, 260 bikes have been reported stolen – 100 now line the basement floor of police HQ. D’Asti says some of these bikes are recovered, often being dumped in front of people’s homes.

“This is problematic in the summer months when people are using bikes,” he says.

At Courtesy Bicycle, owner John Palombo says people come to his shop three to four times a week throughout the summer looking for their stolen bike.

“People are being careless and by being careless, bikes are being stolen,” Palombo says.

But there’s thing people can do to prevent bike thefts, and Palombo says it starts with a proper lock.  Police say owners should also write down the serial number, so if  its ever stolen and recovered, it can be easily traced.

“We upload info and when we recover (a bike) we do reverse searches and try to marry up with owners,” says D’Asti.

If a bike is unclaimed after 90 days, it’s eligible for auction.