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Minor evidence presented to jury Tuesday in terrorism trial in Windsor

Exhibit video: Veltman after collision Exhibit video: Veltman after collision

The jury learned more details about items seized from Nathaniel Veltman’s apartment in the days after the fatal attack on a Muslim family in London.

On June 6, 2021, four members of the Afzaal family were killed after they were struck by a pickup truck. A boy who was nine at the time, survived his injuries.

Veltman, 22, has previously pleaded not guilty to four counts of terrorism-motivated first-degree murder and one count of terrorism-motivated attempted murder, even though the defence has acknowledged he was driving the truck that day.

During evidence Tuesday from Det. Michael Budzyn the jury learned a piece of lined paper was seized which has calculations written on it.

The jury saw a list of speeds on the left side and percentages on the right.

At the very bottom of the sheet “+++ even more” is clearly written.

The jury also learned the truck used in the June 6 attack was a dark blue colour.

In surveillance video previously seen by the jury, the truck does appear to be black but in the close-up still images after the collision, the truck is dark blue.

And, on a spare key chain seized from Veltmans’ apartment, the truck is identified as 2016 blue pickup truck.

The jury also watched seven short surveillance videos from inside the front door and hallway of Veltman’s downtown London apartment building.

The jury saw Veltman walk from his apartment in the morning of June 6 with what appears to be books and a window screen in his hands.

He goes into the garbage area and exits with empty hands and then leaves the building.

Then, the jury saw Veltman return to his apartment in the evening. He stays in his unit for less than a half an hour.

The jury then sees him leave his unit and walk to the stairs but then he goes back to his apartment for a moment.

Then, just before 8 p.m., Veltman exits his unit, goes down the stairs and leaves the building dressed in the black pants and white t-shirt he was arrested in and a black leather jacket.

The Afzaal family was struck at Hyde Park Road and South Carriage Road at 8:40 p.m.

The trial continues Tuesday afternoon. Top Stories

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