WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Ministry of Labour is looking into COVID-19 complaints at the Southwest Detention Centre.

The MOL sent an investigator to the jail on April 9 and 10.

According to spokesperson Janet Deline, the MOL received “a complaint regarding the use of PPE at South West Detention Centre in Maidstone.”

After an investigation, two orders were issued to SWDC :

• To take every precaution reasonable to protect a worker that may be exposed to COVID-19

• Protect workers from exposure to infectious splashes or spray

Deline says a second complaint, received on April 10 was also investigated “regarding PPE” but no orders were issued.

Greg Flood, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Solicitor General says staff at all correctional facilities have access too personal protective equipment “as required.”

He says new screening measures are now being rolled out at all adult correctional facilities.

“Staff are required to perform a self-assessment prior to entering the institution and are advised to monitor their own health and report to management any changes to their health status,” according to Flood.

Jason Stroud, President of OPSEU local 135 tweeted his appreciation to the Minister of Labour, MPP Monte McNaughton.

“Your MOL inspectors likely saved Correction Officer, Nurse and inmate lives today.”

Stroud declined to comment further to CTV News for the story.