The next time you attend an event at the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor, you will be asked to arrive earlier than usual.

That's because new security measures are being implemented to ensure public safety.

Officials at Caesars Windsor recommend people arrive 90 minutes in advance of Friday’s Gene Simmons show due to new security procedures.  

“That will allow for ample time for our customers to go through the new security procedures, including walking through metal detectors and having our staff check their bags,” says Susanne Tomkins, public and community relations specialist.

Tomkins says staff will look for prohibited items, such as weapons, laser pointers and outside food and drink.

She adds staff will also search bags and purses, and large purses and backpacks will be prohibited.

"Having metal detectors and bag checks are an industry standard,” says Tomkins. “It's at many of the leading entertainment venues and we are following through with that standard."

But the timing is what concerns some concert goers.

Tomkins says extra staff will be on hand to make sure entry into the Colosseum, which holds up to five-thousand people, moves as smoothly and quickly as possible.