The race in Windsor-Tecumseh will be an interesting one, as it was less than a year ago that a byelection was called to fill the seat vacated by former MPP Dwight Duncan.

Former city councillor Percy Hatfield would win that election with a commanding lead, but two new candidates are looking to put an end to Hatfield’s run early on.

Percy Hatfiel – NDP (I)

Hatfield captured the Windsor-Tecumseh seat on August 1, 2013 after a newly appointed Premier Kathleen Wynne announced a byelection for the riding.

In his 10 months at Queen’s Park, Hatfield served as his party’s infrastructure critic. Most recently Hatfield was in the spotlight, calling out the Liberal government on issues with the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway.

Prior to his term in provincial politics, Hatfield served as city councillor for Windsor’s Ward 7. He held the seat for two terms, where he sat on the planning and economic development standing committee.

Prior to that, Hatfield covered city council as a broadcast journalist for 30 years.

Jason Dupuis – Liberals

On May 7, the Liberals announced Dupuis as their candidate in Windsor-Tecumseh. He takes the candidate role from Jeewan Gill, who failed to beat Hatfield back in August.

Dupuis is the son of an auto worker and a lifelong Windsor resident. He’s looking to translate his experience as a small business owner to a leader for the community.

“We need balanced leadership that’s focused on our priorities – health care and education.”

Brandon Wright – Progressive Conservatives

On the same night as the Liberals, the Conservatives announced Wright as their candidate to take on the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh. Wright replaces Robert De Verteuil in the position.

Wright, a teacher working with special needs students, is looking to reduce debt and taxes under Tim Hudak’s million jobs plan. The Tecumseh native says he knows too many people who left Ontario in favour of taking jobs in Alberta. He wants to bring high paying jobs back to the region.

“As someone who works with children, I understand the importance of ensuring the next generation isn’t going to inherit unmanageable debt.”