WINDSOR, ONT. -- Brandon McBride has mixed feelings heading into his second Olympic Games.

"We're locked down. We can't leave our rooms unless it's for food or training so it's not quite the same. It doesn't quite have the Olympic feel to it," said the W.F. Herman Academy grad.

Nonetheless, the 800 metre runner is more than happy to be back a second time for a chance to compete at the highest level. The extra year of waiting because of the pandemic was a challenge for him and many others.

McBride says he feels "pretty happy with my preparation in terms of being able to overcome a lot of these different adversities and everything. I'm excited to see what my body has."

His body has had a few injuries to deal with, which kept him away from competition for over a year. He was hoping to return in late May but ended up skipping nationals in June.

McBride hit the track in early July for the first time since the world championships in 2019 for a race in Budapest.

"People in my corner thought it would be better just to wait and to get some training under my belt. Get some rehab under my belt," said McBride.

The wait paid dividends as McBride posted his second-fastest season opening race ever in a field he says had a slow pace.

Now in Tokyo preparing for his first round of racing July 30, McBride says he trying to acclimate to the heat. He says it's felt like over a hundred degrees out since he arrived.

The weather may have him feeling a bit uncomfortable now but he says he’s ready physically and psychologically.

"Oftentimes in the past where I kind of fell short managing the anxiety between rounds and different things of that nature. I'm pretty happy with where I am at this moment."

In years past McBride admits to looking too far ahead at competitions. In Tokyo, it's round by round.

The 27-year-old wants to have a positive experience for himself and those in his hometown cheering.

"Part of the reason I do it is to inspire others, so I want to say thank you to everyone that has reached out to me and everyone that supports me. Even if it's from afar I feel all the love and I'm grateful."