The Mayor of Windsor is downplaying news he uses a second private email account to conduct city business.

Drew Dilkens admits to using a second email account when handling city business, which has led to concerns about transparency and accountability.

The second email account uses the name, Andrew Ray. The mayor’s full name is Andrew Raymond Dilkens.

Dilkens also has a general public email account at which is accessible by staff in the mayor's office as well as the mayor.

Dilkens argues the second account is necessary to conduct city business, to more effectively communicate with city administration. Otherwise he says he would be inundated by emails.

“At the end of the day, I made the decision, I'm accountable for that decision, I stand by that decision 100 per cent and I will continue to work that way because that's the way that's best for the residents of the City of Windsor, which is who I serve”

The issue came to light after a Freedom of Information request, and Dilkens says he has nothing to hide.

“Whether I use the name Drew Dilkens or whether I use the name Andrew Ray-- it doesn't really matter,” says Dilkens.  “At the end of the day, I'm still required by law to submit any requests for FOI’s and I did that in this particular case and I'll do that again. There’s nothing to hide here.”

Dilkens claims it is common practice for politicians to have a secondary account to better address high level matters and confidentiality issues.

Dilkens also stressed a complaint can be filed with the Integrity commissioner if anyone is concerned by his use of Andrew Ray for city business.

However, Windsor’s Integrity Commissioner Bruce Elman says complaints filed during an election year at this point won't be reviewed until after the election.