CHATHAM, ONT. -- A group of like-minded citizens in Chatham-Kent is organizing a massive community-wide food drive called the May 16th Miracle Project.

Organizers say the COVID-19 global pandemic has created a shortage of food bank donations and volunteers, prompting the group to encourage all residents in Chatham-Kent to take part.

"If you want to put just one can out, or tell others or drive a pickup truck, we need everybody," says co-organizer Brent Wilken.

"We want as many people as possible in Chatham-Kent to put one perishable item on their door step and we are going to go to every house in Chatham-Kent, to make sure they get picked up."

The May 16th Miracle project wants every localresident to put a non-perishable food item on their front porch or doorstep at noon on May 16th.

All donations will be collected and delivered to food banks and various organizations across the community. Drop-off locations will be made available for people living in rural areas.

"We're going to travel all of Chatham-Kent in four hours, all while maintaining social distancing," says Wilken.

The goal is to stock all Chatham-Kent food banks. If successful, organizers believe this will be the largest food drive in Chatham-Kent's history.