WINDSOR, ONT -- Police chief John Leontowicz presented the annual police service report for 2019 'virtually' to council Tuesday.

The report highlighted community surveys and satisfaction, crime analysis and statistics and a financial report.

The chief expressed how pleased he is, there were no formal issues or matters concerning the organization in 2019.

The report also shows of the nearly 400 surveys conducted a 99 per cent satisfaction rate among LaSalle residents.

Mayor and chair of the LaSalle police services board, Marc Bondy expressed his gratitude on the town's policing “continuing on a safe path, with no complaints with more continuing education awareness, more enforcement and operating within budget.”

At the end of the presentation, members of council took the opportunity to congratulate the outgoing chief on his upcoming retirement and 45 years of policing.

Leontowicz has headed the town's police department for 21 years.

“This is an excellent report and our service is excellent. so i want to thank you for your members of service and administration and the board as well for continuing to give you the support for making sure we are safe and protected as well as wishing you a happy retirement because I’m pretty sure i wont see you publicly again. Good luck buddy,”Councillor Mark Carrick

“As someone who sits on the police board I too would also like to thank you for all your service in the time you’ve giving to our town. The report again is another great report presented and why we support our own local policing. This report gives every information of why we love it and why we protector our local police service so thank you very much for your support,” said the town’s deputy mayor, Crystal Meloche.

LaSalle mayor Marc Bondy told council, “I appreciate what he’s done on the job, off the job and he’s leaving with being the leader of the ninth safest community in Canada so thanks chief for that.”