Another alleged victim has taken the stand in the sexual assault trial of Robert Kissner.

He is the seventh of eighth complainants against the former fire chief in Kingsville.

A court-imposed publication ban prevents the media from reporting any information that might identify the alleged victims in the case.

Kissner, 62, has pleaded not guilty to 17 sex-related offences.

On Monday, a man testified he was a young teen when Kissner would rub his shoulders, massage his back and even put his hands on his buttocks.

In one incident at Kissner’s home, the alleged victim told the court Kissner invited him to get into his hot tub. He testified it was weird and uncomfortable, saying “What happens to me if I don't go in?”

He also told the court when he got out of the hot tub and opened the bathroom door, Kissner was standing there. He asked the teen to lay down on the bed, which he did, and Kissner proceeded to give the alleged victim a shoulder massage and he touched his behind.

The victim testified “I was shocked and ashamed of myself because I just let it happen. “

On cross examination, defence lawyer Ken Marley asked the man if he ever told Kissner to stop. The man admitted he never did but also said “I don't think my absence in saying no is the same as saying yes.”

Court also heard the alleged victim used Kissner as a reference on a resume and sought Kissner's advice more than a decade later when he was struggling with PTSD symptoms.

The alleged victim said he did it “because my mom told me to.”

The man’s mother also took the stand Monday, admitting her son told her about Kissners' behavior but dismissed it as overreaction to which he told her no mom, “it’s different, it’s weird. It happens when no one's around.”

The woman was very upset on the stand, and during her testimony she pointed at Kissner and said “I trusted that man 100 per cent.”

Crown attorney Jennifer Holmes says she has one more alleged victim to call to the stand.

She and Marley also have a "legal argument" to present to Justice Pamela Hebner, although they won't elaborate on what it's about.

When that decision is made, the trial will continue with Kissner potentially taking the stand in his own defence later in the week.