A Windsor woman was allegedly held captive, tortured and forced to work as an escort in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg police say the case shows the damaging effects of human trafficking.

"She was locked in a full-size freezer a number of times, lost consciousness when she was in there a number of times due to lack of air, she doesn't know if anyone is ever coming back," said Winnipeg Const. Rob Carver.

"It is, from my view, a true example of torture."

Winnipeg Const. Tammy Skrabek tells CTV News she was dragged from Windsor to Winnipeg and just last month was able to break free.

“It's terrifying to think that this is happening more so that it's happening in your backyard," says Skrabek.

Over the four months, police say she was tormented physically and psychologically.

Skrabek tells CTV News it sounds like the script of a horror movie.

“She was tied up she was chained up she was forced to stay in a freezer for long periods of time until she lost consciences," she said.

Police say the woman was also assaulted with electric shocks.

She was finally able to escape to a police station and get help.

Police arrested a 29-year-old Winnipeg man Sept. 2.

Andres Michael Pavao -- who has ties to the Windsor region -- faces a dozen charges including trafficking, assault, forcible confinement, overcome resistance by attempting to choke or suffocate and assault with a weapon.

Skrabek says officers will likely be in contact with officers in Windsor.

With files from The Canadian Press.