A 21 year old man remains in custody after a robbery at a Chatham 7/11 on Grand Avenue West.

Police say the suspect concealed part of his face with a bandana and carried a sawed-off rifle to demand money from the cashier early Saturday morning.

However, when he realized there was no cash in the till he left the store.

Police say the man crossed St. Clair Street and while in the area of Forest Street, he discharged a round into a bedroom window on Joseph Street.

No one was injured.

Authorities identified the man responsible and arrested a suspect on Tuesday night.

Michael Garnett, of no fixed address has been charged with robbery with a weapon, wearing a disguise with intent, possession of a prohibited firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, careless use of a firearm and mischief endangering life.

Garnett is scheduled to return to court on May 22.