An attempted murder charge against a Windsor man has been dropped.

Sonny St. Martin pled guilty to two other charges, assault with a weapon and drinking and driving, in Superior Court Monday.

Charges were laid after he drove a truck into a house on Hickory Avenue in July 2013. He was accused with trying to kill his common-law wife.

In July 2013, residents living on Hickory told CTV News they saw a man allegedly assaulting a woman inside of a truck.

They then witnessed the woman get out of the vehicle and hide behind a tree before the man driving the truck allegedly tried to run her down.

Windsor police say St. Martin, 28 years old at the time, crashed into the front porch of this house.

After he was extracted from the burning truck, he was arrested and charged with several offences, including attempted murder.

Prior to sentencing, the court heard that St. Martin has nine prior assault convictions, 14 convictions of uttering threats, and 33 breaches of court orders since 2000.

Defense lawyer Kenneth Marley called the victim in this case, St. Martin's then girlfriend, Jessica Rushlow, to the stand.

St. Martin's history of violence against his domestic partners, she told the court: "I have full intention of building a relationship with him, getting married and having more children."

Rushlow was three months pregnant with St. Martin's child at the time of crash.

When asked by the defense "Do you feel you and your daughter need protection? (from mr. martin)

She responded "He is a kind-hearted person. I see him differently than other people."

Marley says his client's actions stem from his abuse of alcohol, an addiction St. Martin's father also struggled with.

"We are hopeful that the place he is sentenced to will have treatment facilities for him so that he can deal with the alcohol problems that led him to commit these acts in the first place," says Marley.

In closing statements, the defense is asking for St. Martin to serve one additional year in jail followed by three years of probation, a driving prohibition, weapon prohibition for life, and no contact with the victim unless she provides written approval.

St. Martin is expected to be sentenced Wednesday in Superior Court.