WINDSOR, ONT. -- A charge of violating a city bylaw has been dismissed against the owner of the historic Low-Martin house in historic Walkerville.

The 4,800 square-foot mansion was built in 1928 by rum runner Harry Low.

It was owned by Paul Martin Sr. for more than 30 years and was the boyhood home of former prime minister Paul Martin Jr.

The house was restored in 2012 and since that time the home has been the setting for parties and fundraising events, much to the displeasure of some neighbours.

Owner Vern Myslichuk lives on the property and was charged in November 2018 with using it as a public hall. Myslichuk says he is happy the charge was withdraw, but the issue still isn't solved.

"I just want to work something out with the neighbourrs and the city to figure out how to we do that. That I don't just close the door and we don't get to appreciate. That seems very selfish of me, the city, the neighbours, if I cant bring people in to just appreciate a big part of history that's been there since 1928."