A new investment at the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant in Windsor will make it more energy efficient.

Two turbo blowers were recently installed to improve efficiency in the waste water aeration system.

They cost $700,000, but the energy savings would translate into $191,000 a year on the electricity bill and maintenance repair costs.

"They're small-scale programs, but they make a big difference in the bottom line of the electricity bill," said EnWin VP of Asset Management John Wladarski.

The independent Electricity System Operator provided the funds, and EnWin Utilities cut the City of Windsor a rebate cheque for $140,120 on Friday.

"The rest of that money will likely pay itself back in the next four years," Mayor Drew Dilkens said after the cheque presentation. "We'll be in the money, in terms of investments we've made, but also the investment we've made in the environment."

Since 2011, the IESO has cut $14-million in rebates to businesses -- reducing the amount of energy used by those companies equivelant to taking 9,000 homes off the grid.

Dilkens encourages other businesses to also look into ways to be more energy efficient.

"Reach out and talk to the conservation department at EnWin," said Dilkens. "Find out how you can save money for your business."