WINDSOR, ONT. -- Brouillette Manor in Tecumseh will be getting an $81,219,665 boost from the province to modernize the home.

Copper Terrace in Chatham-Kent will be also be receiving $15,768,133 from the government for upgrades. 

The additional funding comes as the Ontario government announced Thursday it would be investing an additional $761 million to build and renovate 74 long-term care homes across the province, including Brouillette Manor and Copper Terrace.

“Our government has been taking historic steps to improve the quality of life for our loved ones by adding capacity and upgrading Ontario's long-term care homes," Minister of Long-Term Care Merrilee Fullerton said in an Ontario news release. "We introduced the modernized funding model to build and renovate these homes faster, and we're already seeing results, with thousands of new, safe, and comfortable spaces in progress."

The additional funding aims to create nearly 11,000 “safe, modern spaces sooner for residents to call home.” It is part of the province’s new funding model to accelerate much needed long-term care projects and provide seniors with quality care.

Brouillette Manor had originally been promised $73,469,230 but with the new funding model will collect an additional $7,750,435. Copper Terrace was originally granted $13,105,477 but has received a 20 per cent increase with the new model for an added $2,662,656.

The new funding model is a method to help the government deliver on its commitment to create 30,000 beds over 10 years, the release states.

"Bringing the long-term care funding model into the 21st century means we have a targeted approach for improving and expanding long-term care capacity in our communities," said Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark.

The province says the projects at Brouillette Manor and Copper Terrace are two of 74 around the province, representing 10,753 long-term care spaces, 3,957 new beds, and 6,796 older beds being redeveloped to modern standards.