WINDSOR, ONT. -- A short film released Thursday shines a light on mental health concerns among healthcare professionals, and was inspired by the real-life experiences of local workers.

“No Room to Grieve” uses video techniques that mirror the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Many nurses and those on the front lines of health care experience PTSD during their careers due to the nature of what they witness and experience day to day while providing care to those in need, a news release from the Ontario Nurses Association states.

In addition to the film, spearheaded by ONA Local 8 and its coordinator Susan Sommerdyk, a website to provide support for local nurses and health-care workers who want to seek help for PTSD was also launched

Sommerdyk said she and Local 8, “wanted to make a big impact with bold videos” and not shy away from the traumatic side of being a caregiver.

The film’s director, Jendo Shabo of Helios Films says the cast and crew and all from Windsor and the film was produced “on a fraction” of what a regular budget would be.

The Windsor community also helped ONA Local 8 meet their goal of showing people the impact health care can have on its workers.