A local restaurateur is pushing back against a spate of odd online reviews.

Eddy Hammoud owns and operates Eddy’s Mediterranean Bistro in Windsor and Tabouli by Eddy’s in Tecumseh.

His restaurants have been targeted not for their service, but for their serving of halal meats. In fact, the reviews are quite complementary of the customer service at the restaurants; however, claim serving halal meats “alienates” Canadians and supports the terrorist group ISIS.

Halal refer refers to food that is prepared following Islamic dietary laws and appropriate slaughtering method.

Hammoud shared a post on Facebook looking to spread awareness of the sentiment being directed at his restaurants.

“There’s no room for hate and no room for painting people with the same brush,” says Hammoud in his Facebook post.

One of the online commenters, Tim Willms, feels the entire situation has been “blown out of proportion.”

Willms declined an on-camera interview but, tells CTV Windsor he edited his original review shortly after posting it.

“I read it over and, in haste, I probably put more than I should have,” says Willms.

Despite altering his original review, the Essex County resident stands by what was written.

“I believe everything I wrote,” says Willms. “I went into a restaurant and I believe my religious rights were violated.”

Willms says he and his family were upset non-halal options weren’t available except for vegetables – adding his review was meant to highlight the lack of non-halal choices and his opposition to the slaughtering method.

Speaking to CTV Windsor, Hammoud says the post was meant to send the message that all cultures and religions should be accepted and respected.

"I accept everybody. If he would've just basically sent me a message saying, 'I'm coming to your restaurant tonight. I prefer not to eat halal food. Is there any way you can accommodate me with non-halal food?' I would've loved to do that for him," says Hammoud.