WINDSOR, ONT. -- Julia Shuren, a 23-year-old musician from Belle River, Ontario is singing to pay tribute to the 22 victims of the horrific mass shooting in Nova Scotia last weekend that left Canada reeling.

The lyrics from her song, “Candle,” came straight from her heart. 

"It’s just so relevant right now. Candle is just that sense of hope that glimmer of light in the darkness," Shuren the meaning behind the title. 

"Nova Scotia, 22 souls. Why they’re gone so soon we’ll never know. From coast to coast, we’re going to pull through. We stand together with you," are the lyrics that lead the song. 

Shuren says she was inspired to write the song after feeling overwhelmed by the gut-wrenching news. 

"It was frustrating and very depressing. I tried to think about all the good that we’re doing, like supporting the front line workers during this time. It gives us a sense of hope and that’s what Nova Scotia needs right now more than ever." 

"There’s got to be something that brings us together other than the bad, bad news." 

These lines are repeated throughout the song. 

Shuren believes music is a powerful way to process emotions, heal, and find hope. 

"Sometimes there are no words when you’re going through a difficult time and music is that universal language that everyone turns to." 

Her song has been shared with members of the Portapique, N.S. community through social media. 

"They were all just really touched by it. If I can give them that sense of comfort and be that rock for them during a difficult time then that’s all the intent is."

Shuren is encouraging all Canadians to light a candle on Monday at 7 p.m. and post a picture to social media with the hashtag #NovaScotiaStrong. 

"So that they see, from coast to coast, Canada is thinking of them."