With military personnel returning from Canada’s mission in Afghanistan, Windsor’s Delta Company and the Job Shoppe are joining forces to help them find employment.

The program is called Hire and will help soliders such as Captain Mike Whipple find work in southwestern Ontario.

Whipple went to Afghanistan in 2012.

"It was an eye opener,” he says. "My job was to mentor the ANA, (Afghan National Army)."

Whipple developed a literacy program to help the soldiers learn to read and write and understand basic math.

 "You are talking about 21, 22-year-old soldiers that cannot even sign their own signature."

Whipple has 11 years’ experience in the military and a degree in mechanical engineering, but he couldn’t land a job.

 "My heart was set on finding a job here in Windsor."

 He was one of the first to register for Hire and did find employment.

Hire is also in the process of educating employers about what military personnel have to offer.

"Canadian military training is ranked amongst the best in the world. Much of this training, teamwork, situation analysis, loyalty, dedication, hard work and self-motivation is directly transferrable and a highly-prized asset to the civilian work force. We are excited to launch this win/win partnership with The Job Shoppe," says Cy McGrath of OC Delta Coy.