A Windsor prodcucton group believes they may have been the last to interview Scott Weiland, who was the frontman of Stone Temple Pilots.  

The company sat down with him on November 14 for an interview. He died unexpectedly on Thursday.

Randy Falsetta was shocked when he heard the news Weiland had died.

"Then you go back and look at the actual interview, then you wonder are there signs or anything you saw that could have told a story that this might happen in the near future,” he says.

The interview was done at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit for the online show, South Detroit SoundHouse.

Falsetta says while Weiland answered all the questions, something seemed off.

"He gave some thought in answering them. There was noticeably something different, you know, not quite a focus on myself.”

Falsetta says throughout the 20-minute interview, Weiland remained honest and raw.

"He told the rock and roll story - what it's like to be born and bred on this stuff.”

South Detroit SoundHouse uploaded the interview on November 20. Since Thursday,  the hits increased substantially, even getting international attention.