Can a doctor shortage in Windsor-Essex be fixed?

There are various statistics about the number of residents in the region who do not have a family doctor.

But the Essex County Medical Society says there are 15 family doctors accepting new patients.

In fact, two physicians are now offering incentives to attract new patients.

Dr. Chintan Shah and his partner Doctor Rushi Parikh opened their first practice at Roseville Gardens last month. But they were surprised to find only 150 new patients enrolled.

The new med-school graduates tell CTV News they are each able to accommodate as many as 2,000 patients each.

So now they are offering incentives, such as one free sick note. Doctors normally charge anywhere between $20 and $45 for these notes.

They will also offer discounted rates to international students without OHIP, and offer free check-ups to patients' family members from overseas.