WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor-Essex denturists are looking to their in-house technology to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

On Saturday, a Facebook group was initiated by dental workers across the world.

“The initiative was to create various types of prototypes that we could have help fight COVID-19,” said owner of The Denture Center Eric Kukucka.

His team went to work on Monday, hoping to find a prototype for ventilator valves, as well as N95 and P100 masks.

“Different variations of the N95 and P100 masks that have different types of filter valves,” said Kukucka.

Kukucka says his 3D printer has the capability to make 20-30 masks per day, depending on the size.

“Now that depends if it’s the P100 or the N95. Also if it’s an external or an internal filter cap,” said Kukucka.

They also started developing prototypes for “face shields”.

What makes these masks unique is the possibility of multiple use, according to denturist Adam Mazzuca, who works at The Denture Center.

“They are digitally printed with a plastic resin, which means it is non permeable and health care providers would be able to use one mask,” said Mazzuca.

None of the prototypes have been approved.

In a statement released to CTV Windsor, Windsor Regional Hospital says:

“We truly appreciate Windsor/Essex support as we collectively address this COVID-19 pandemic. At this time we are focusing on N95 masks/respirators, surgical/procedure mask, gowns, gloves and sanitizer donations. When it comes to 3D printing of mechanical vents etc., we truly need to get Health Canada support and approval. When it comes to 3-D printing of items like “face shields” we can examine them internally through our clinical teams pending Health Canada approvals.”

Kukucka tells CTV Windsor the concepts at least show the possibilities of what can happen when people come together to help.

“It’s incredible to see what can happen with digital technology and communication abroad in this world of self-isolation.”