A missing person investigation that began in Mississauga has found its way to Windsor.

Detectives with Peel Regional Police are working with Windsor and Essex County Crime Stoppers to find Erin McGonigal.

The 33-year-old was last seen in Mississauga by her husband in October 2015. She told him she would be home, but never came back.

McGonigal was known to be active on social media. But since her disappearance, there have been no posts and no contact with any friends or family.

“She is not in trouble by any means. There’s no allegation of any criminality. She is just a missing person. That's concerning to us and we need to find her” says Peel Detective Peter Brandwood.

Police do know that McGonigal worked in the adult entertainment industry, and they have reason to believe she might be in Windsor area.

Detectives have stopped by local clubs to look for clues about her possible whereabouts.

The manager at T-Zers is co-operating with police.

“Obviously we are concerned that if she was a dancer here, we want to know she's safe” says manager Cam Bastien.

There is a missing person poster inside T-Zers and Bastien tells CTV Windsor it is generating lots of buzz.

“100 percent looks familiar and I'm the 5th person say that “says Bastien. “A lot of dancers here say they’ve seen her working at some other clubs.”

McGonigal is described as a white female with long brown or blonde hair and blue eyes. She is about five feet six inches tall and weighs about 125 pounds.

McGonigal also has two distinctive tattoos on her back. One is a sun and moon between her shoulder blades. The other is the word ‘Peterbilt’ on her lower back.

Police say McGonigal also has different names such as Portia or Devine.

Police have also flagged her name with officials at the US border and they believe she has not left the country.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers.