WINDSOR -- Acclaimed local artist David Derkatz – also known as “Derkz” – is painting one of Canada’s largest tribute murals to our healthcare frontline workers.

The massive piece spans the entire north-facing side of the restaurant “The Penalty Box” – located at the intersection of Walker Road and Tecumseh Road East.

Conceptual and logistical preparation for the artwork has taken several months. The artist has been motivated to show his personal admiration and thanks to frontline workers since the Covid-19 pandemic began. He feels that it’s his way of giving back to the community in appreciation for what frontline workers do on a daily basis.

Derkatz was thrilled to partner with owner of “The Penalty Box” – Van Niforos and his family – with this community project.

“I just wanted to do something nice – give back to the community,” said Derkatz. “[I] couldn’t ask for a better location – you know, Van Niforos and his son Nic – you know they’re great people.”

As work began of the mural and since, the artist has been most appreciative and humbled by the overwhelming community support and positive feedback.

The sprawling piece shows - in profile - a female and male healthcare worker facing each other. A rose and dove are central symbols depicted, reinforcing the theme of peace, goodwill and love for all.

“The message behind it is basically unity…just showing the public that we care for them [the frontline workers.]”

Derkatz hope to have the special work completed by the end next week.