WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor-born Black artist finds inspiration for his art through real-world scenarios; currently, it’s the Black Lives Matter movement that has captured his attention in a very personal way.

“Being an African-Canadian, I have a vested interest in what’s going on as well as a heartfelt genuine emotion for it,” says artist Monte Scott. “I’m not just an outside observer. I’m a player in this.”

Scott was touched by the diversity he witnessed at a local Black Lives Matter protest two weeks ago. He hopes his art can capture this moment in history and provoke thought.

“I want people to feel that that unity energy, that missing link, the parts that are uncomfortable to talk about,” Scott said.

He hopes his artwork is thought provoking.

George Floyd

A painting in remembrance of George Floyd. The colors represent the different cultures coming together for the Black Lives matter movement.

For 12 hours, thoughts of frustration and anger clouded Scott’s mind as he painted this portrait. He recollected the pain George Floyd experienced during the eight minutes and 46 seconds he spent under the knee of Minneapolis police officers.

However, Scott wept after he stepped back and saw the beauty behind his completed masterpiece.

“When I was finished I saw how that color scheme worked,” he said. “It reminded me so much of being at the protest and seeing all the different cultures.”

Scott says people need art to settle their souls especially during a time of protests.

“I’d like to say to be people, it’s going to be okay,” he said. “The importance is that the young generation understands that this is your moment of change.”

baby butterfly painting

This Black baby is reaching up for the butterfly, which represents hope and change. 

His latest painting represents his children, who are a part of the next generation who will take on the onus of pushing for systemic change.

“If we don’t follow this through and make some meaningful change, my little babies going to be in trouble,” he said.

His momentum to capture the Black Lives Movement through art is just beginning. More paintings are in the works and he plans on turning the George Floyd portrait into t-shirts that can be worn during future protests.

Monte Scott can be reached via e-mail at