Tuesday is run for Rocky Day, a day in commemoration of Rocky Campana.

Campana took his life in 2012 after struggling with being accepted as a gay male.

The Campana family has created the R4R Legacy Project after hosting a series of Run for Rocky fundraising events.

As part of her son’s legacy, Nancy Campana says they are purchasing copies of a book explaining the history of the pride flag, and those books will be shared with every grade school in the Greater Essex County District School Board.

Campana also plans to go to Ottawa on Thursday to speak with top health officials about the lack of best practices to ensure gay men's organs are not automatically excluded from organ donation, and informed consent by the recipient is put into practice across Canada.

Although Health Canada recognizes the inconsistency of policies in this regards, Campana says the process to put standards and best practices in place has been incredibly slow.