WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Municipality of Leamington is offering a grace period to growers who house seasonal argi-farm workers in boarding homes.

As many as 12 workers could be living in a boarding house, according to mayor Hilda MacDonald.

However, there have been recent efforts to bring that number down to a maximum of four.

The “change of use permit” will now allow the workers to stay in their current house, as long as new measures are implemented and up to code.

“They need to have a fire plan. All those things will be done, but we’re giving them a little more time,” says MacDonald.

In the report presented to council Tuesday evening, it states that given the growth with the greenhouse industry, the utilization of single dwelling units to house both season and temporary workers has exponentially increased.

MacDonald says Leamington is currently facing a housing crisis, so this buys a little more time for growers while in the middle of a growing season.

“We don’t have a boarding house bylaw in place yet,” adds MacDonald.