WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Municipality of Leamington will review the future of its policing services at a special meeting Tuesday night.

Council will assess the Request for Proposals for police services.

Two proposals were received throughout the process, from Windsor Police Service and Chatham-Kent Police Service.

Ontario Provincial Police did not submit a proposal.

Last year, Leamington council decided not to renew its contract with Essex County OPP for reasons including lack of coverage information and a lack of police presence.

The termination becomes effective June 9, 2021 at which time the OPP will continue to provide policing services to the municipality pursuant to section 5.1 of the Police Services Act.

MPM consulting identified Windsor Police Service as the preferred proponent, stating it meets or exceeds all standards as prescribed in Ontario Regulation 3/99 Adequacy and Effectiveness of Police Services and that the proposal ensures that the Municipality would receive a level of service that meets or exceeds these required provincial standards.

However, administration says it cannot recommend that council accept either proposal received.

To accept the preferred proposal would result in:

  • a substantial tax increase to ratepayers; or
  • drastic cuts in current municipal services to residents; or
  • a combination of a tax increase and cuts to services.

According to administration, the municipality would pay more than $11 million over a five-year contract with Windsor Police versus the expected OPP costs.

Administration is recommending the municipality continues to explore options with the OPP and continue to hire paid duty officers when necessary and appropriate.