Many believe faith to be the cornerstone of their lives, and as such, consider their churches a ‘sacred place.’

As the years pass, congregations shrink. Sometimes, churches close and some even get the wrecking ball.

But a number of these historic sanctuaries in Windsor are being resurrected.

Take St. Paul's Anglican Church for example.

After being vacant for several years, the Ouellette Avenue church will soon be the home for the legal team of Sutts Strosberg, LLP.

The scheduled opening for the law firm is the spring of 2017.

Jay Strosberg admits “it’s hard to actually get legal work done, because what I want to do is leave my office all time and come down and walk through the construction site.”

Sharon Strosburg tells CTV Windsor they wanted to respect the architectural integrity – and history of the space.

“We wanted to match the brick, we think we complimented it but still pay homage to the bones of the space” said Strosberg.

St. Paul’s Anglican is the latest church to be reborn.

The iconic Our Lady of the Rosary at the corner of Riverside and Drouillard in Windsor is now the Water’s Edge Event Centre.

Larry Horowitz bought the church from the London Diocese for a dollar.

“It’s very, very important to a city such as Windsor and Essex County to save the past. That makes us what we are today” says Horowitz.