The 29th annual Wedding Extravaganza a at the Caboto Club featured the newest and hottest trends of the year.

The weekend included fashion shows, an interactive wedding gallery and more than 200 businesses.

“One of the new things is aerial coverage of your wedding, so drone photography or drone video of your wedding,” says the wedding show owner, Nancy Campana.

The average cost of a wedding in Canada is $28,000 and the biggest expenses - about 60 or 70 per cent of the budget - is spent on food and drinks.

"We're finding that a lot of people today are doing something a little eccentric, a little different after the wedding meal menu and we're finding that the Nutella bar, the espresso bar and gelato bar is very popular,” says Pat Rossi, owner of Guarda Luna cafe.

Organizers say they find about 40 per cent of couples will come to a wedding show together.

Campana says in terms of planning a wedding, about eight months to 18 months is needed and that will help couples stay within budget.