A LaSalle woman was shot in the face Saturday by a stray pellet from a hunter on the Detroit River, according to police.

Police say the hunters were using a duck blind (a structure used as cover by hunters) a short distance from the woman who was in her backyard. She was allegedly hit it the cheek by a pellet from a shotgun, but did not require medical treatment.

Still, the woman was shocked. "All of a sudden, I heard bang and it hit me right in the face," says Denise Rimbert.

"If they hit my eye, boy, I would have been blind at 70 years old," says Rimbert. "When I yelled and screamed at them they didn't stop. They just kept on shooting."

Police say they found three hunters in a blind and charged two of them with careless hunting under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

The incident happened about 9:30 a.m. in the 2400 block of Front Road.

Police are asking hunters to be cautious when hunting close to residential areas.