LaSalle town council has voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with Transit Windsor.

It's expected buses could be running as soon as September.

AM800’s Zander Broekel reports it's a five-year contract.

The proposal would cost $750,000 in its first year, but the mayor thinks it’s worth the money to link key destinations within the community.

Mayor Ken Antaya has described it as part of "LaSalle maturing as a community."

 The town hired a consultant in 2015, to conduct a feasibility study.

A series of public consultations found that nearly 70 per cent of residents endorsed a new transit service, even though most said they wouldn't use it.

Residents would see their tax bill go up $25 to $50 each year, to help pay for the service.

According to mayor Ken Antaya, most people are ok with that.

He says he has not received a single comment about transit that is negative.