A LaSalle teen has been found not guilty in a careless driving case that killed his friend.

Nick Dyer, 16, was seriously injured in a crash on an Amherstburg road on Feb. 13, 2017. He was pulled from a burning car by his friend and driver, but the LaSalle teen died a month later in hospital.

Ryan Hatton, 17, was charged with careless driving.

Justice Salma Jafar said in court Thursday there a consensus between all occupants in the vehicle that the accused was driving responsibly at the time of the crash, and during the trial, there was no attempt to exaggerate or mislead.

The defence argued a tire blew on the car moments before the collision.

However, court heard police did not conduct an investigation to determine if it was a mechanical problem that caused the teen to suddenly veer left and strike a culvert before landing and bursting into flames.

Hatton’s lawyer, Dan Scott, says his client still feels bad about the crash.

“He feels horrible. That’s something he'll wear for the rest of his life,” says Scott. “These guys were buddies, and to be involved in an accident where you're the driver , where your best friends passes away is a horrible cross to bear.”

Both families were in provincial offences court Thursday for the verdict, but declined comment.