There’s a new top dog in Essex.

Larry Snively will be moving from a councillors chair to the mayors chair.

Snively edged out Ron Rogers by 117 votes in Monday’s election

The soon to be mayor will replace Ron McDermott. 

Richard Meloche regained his deputy mayor seat, while the most noticeable change on council will come in Ward 1.

Incumbent Randy Voakes lost to Morley Bowman and Joe Garon.

Voakes was the subject of some heated debates around the council table over the last four years.

Steve Bjorkman retained his seat after moving from Ward 1 to Ward 3. He'll be joined by former reporter and columnist Chris Vander Doelen.

Bowman and Garon will join Kim Verbeek in Ward 2 as three new faces on council.

Sherry Bondy also defeated Paul Innes to retain the Ward 4 council seat.

2018 Municipal Election Results:


Larry Snively 2,261 

Rob Shepley 1,122

Katie McGuire-Blais 1,358 

Ron Rogers 2,144