A landmark in Amherstburg is for sale.

The municipality has put the Malden Community and Cultural Centre at the end of Howard Avenue up for sale for $184,900.

The building, also known to local residents as the little white church, has been hosting the Amherstburg Farmer's Market on its two-and-a-half acre property.

There was also a doll museum at the building, with more than 3,500 dollars, but it would have to find a new home as well.

The late 1800s-era building is also designated under the Ontario Historical Act, but requires an estimated $200,000 in repairs.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo tells CTV News the town isn't willing to foot that repair bill but he hopes someone out there will.

“I think the big issue for council is we would hope that it would be maintained as a landmark,” says DiCarlo. “It does have some historical designation so there's some protection there, but if it can be well used by someone else, I think that's the best use for it."