The City of Windsor is going to spend $3 million to replace the docks at Lakeview Park Marina.

Council on Monday approved the expenditure to remove the stationary docks and replace them with floating docks.

The marina has been closed since the beginning of May due to safety concerns created by record high water levels.

“This will mitigate the issues with rising or falling waters going forward," says Jan Wilson, the city’s Corporate Leader for Parks, Recreation and Culture Facilities. “I think that's a great solution for our community and the use of the Lakeview Park Marina."

Wilson tells CTV News the docks are 39-years-old and their life cycle usually lasts about 40 years.

“We actually had planned to do dock work on phased approach, so we did have the funding already in place to do a portion of the docks this year,” notes Wilson. “Those were the west docks, but with the unusual year we’re having, and the need for the closure of the entire facility due to the water levels, what council did was really accelerate that plans and allow us to do all of the docks in this year.”

The decision to close the 200 boat slips at Lakeview Park Marina for the remainder of the season is estimated to cost the city $300,000 in revenue.

Wilson adds this plan will now allow the city to open the marina for the 2020 boating season.

“We do anticipate it will take the full season to do this work and be open for the 2020 season,” says Wilson. “We will follow our process as far as purchasing, design. We want to maximize the slips on the docks.”

The fuel docks, launch ramps, sanitation pump and tours to Peche Island remain open this season and continue for as long as the water levels and safety permit. The marina will also accommodate the police boat.