An 18-year-old Lakeshore man is going to jail for the July 2017 stabbing of Marcus Pierce.

For the first time, CTV News can report his name because he has been sentenced as an adult. 

Austin Standon previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault with a weapon although he was originally charged with murder.

In Superior Court on Wednesday, Justice Bruce Thomas sentenced Standon to three years in jail. When given credit for time already served in pre-sentence custody, Standon was sentenced to just shy of two years in jail.

Standon's defence lawyer Pat Ducharme tells CTV News he asked for the sentence to be served in a youth detention facility.

Pierce, from Lakeshore, was 18 years old when the incident took place in a wooded area in Bell River on July 13, 2017. Standon was 17 years old at the time.

Ducharme says Standon was trying to defend himself from a robbery by Pierce, "he was trying to take all of my clients belongings."