LAKESHORE, Ont. -- There was mixed reaction from Lakeshore residents about future of cannabis retail stores.

The town hosted an open house Monday night. A handful of Lakeshore residents turned up to have their say about potentially hosting a retail pot shop in the community.

“Let it be up to the medical doctors to prescribe the cannabis and the people that want it, let them order it online or wherever they get it," says resident Alice Lubyk.

Another resident Jeremy Mead had a different opinion.

“It is legal, so it should be treated legal and here, they're trying to treat it illegal,” ,” says Mead. “We know there's a bad stigma on that and hopefully we can change that with it being legal and all the positive that it does."

Council had previously opted out saying there were 'too many unknowns' at the time.

Mayor Tom Bain says they have been keeping a close eye on communities with cannabis storefronts since there are currently no local examples to draw from.

If you were unable to make the meeting, there's also an online survey.