A reprieve for residents in Lakeshore. They will keep their addresses.

More than 500 people packed into the Atlas Tube Centre on Tuesday night to share their thoughts on the controversial issue that has caused an uproar in the community.

Lakeshore council heard from residents about whether or not to allow addresses to change from the small towns in the municipality, in favour of just the word Lakeshore.

Resident Mark McKinlay received thousands of signatures for an online petition, which Ward 1 councillor Steven Wilder questioned its legitimacy.

Wilder says multiple mailing addresses in the town are a major concern for his constituents.

The Ward 1 councillor adds the issue was discussed at length in a previous council meeting.

“More concerning are people that I know that worked in elections and that have seen it every year where somebody shows up to vote in Lakeshore and they're told to go Tecumseh,” says Wilder. “That is democracy and that is democracy being denied there are very real reasons why.”

Still, the motion to rescind the address change passed.

Afterwards, Wilder asked for a second motion to hold an information session to better address the issue. That motion did not carry.

Lakeshore was amalgamated in 1999, 16 towns were absorbed to create the municipality.