WINDSOR, ONT. -- A long-standing landmark on County Road 22 is slated for demolition.

Lakeshore council heard on Tuesday evening the Maidstone Water Tower, which stands next to the roadway between Tecumseh and Puce would cost $1.9 million to rehabilitate.

The cost is higher than the $1.25 million price tag to build a new water line to the Wallace Line.

As well, council was told the cost could be funded from development charges.

“While there are costs to decommission the Maidstone Water Tower, the costs to bring it back online are much greater. It would be fiscally irresponsible to do otherwise,” stated Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain.

The municipal water tower has been out of use for three years.

Administration will continue to monitor the tower for safety and when a future budget permits, it will be demolished.