WINDSOR -- The Town of Lakeshore council is all in on a retail pot store.

Following mixed reaction from Lakeshore residents at an open house in November about the future of cannabis retail stores, council voted in favour of opting in Tuesday night.

Coun. Steven Wilder says while he's happy with the decision, had the town opted in sooner, it could have received upwards of $70,000 from upper levels of government.

“We should've never opted out. We turned our back on money the government was giving us to help implement and now we're paying all these costs ourselves," he says.

Wilder says now there's no funding to help with the cost of introduction.

Councillors also voted in favour of changing the town's name.

Starting in 2021, it will become the Municipality of Lakeshore. The name change comes with a $64,000 price tag to replace and add new signs.