A Lakeshore man is being hailed a hero after a fiery car crash early Saturday morning.

Marc Badour doesn't want to be called a hero but that's what people are saying.

Badour was driving to work on County Road 22 when out of the corner of his eye he spotted flames.

He made a u-turn and sprung into action.

"Because if I didn't stop, who knows what could have happened right?" he says.

In what started out as a standard drive to work at the Windsor salt mine turned out to be a life saving ordeal.

"Just help somebody in need. If it was my wife or my son or somebody like that I would sure hope that somebody would help."

Badour says when he passed two cars on the side of the road after one was supposedly rear ended.

He says out of the corner of his eye he saw flames and immediately went to help the stunned driver.

"Yeah he was in the car he was looking straight ahead, holding onto the wheel tightly I would assume in shock from the airbags."

"So I tried to open the door, it was a little jammed. After a few pulls I finally got it open and pulled him out and brought him over to my truck and that's about it."

Badour says a trucker with Chrysler showed up and helped too.

He says police, fire and ems arrived shortly there after and badour continued on to work.

"I'm just glad I could help somebody. I just wish other people would have stopped, that's a real big peeve. I could count at least four cars that went by."

Badour says he didn't think twice about stopping to help. But is disappointed others didn't do the same.

"Some of them drove through the wreckage, they drove right over broken pieces of the car."

Some are calling him a hero but he remains humble.

"I don't want to be called that."