LAKESHORE – A mysterious hum is being reported in Lakeshore.

Councillor Steven Wilder says there is a hum sound at night in his Ward 1, which goes from Manning Road to Wallace Lane.

Wilder says it is an irritating sound that he and other residents began hearing in 2016, but have noticed more of it lately.

"It kind of sounds as if someone has a loud stereo in a car with a sub-woofer or the bass turned up, but there car never gets there," says Wilder.

Lakeshore mayor Tom Bain is surprised a hum would 'pipe up', saying the noise is causing grief for some.

"We're hearing from residents in the area that the hum is mainly in the evening and it's to the extent where items sitting on their kitchen table are actually vibrating," says Bain.

Lakeshore officials are expected to investigate the hum and send a letter to the Ministry of Environment.

Many residents in Windsor have been complaining about a hum for years. Windsor city council started looking at the issue in 2011.