There's a hero out there in Essex County and a Lakeshore family wants to find him.

Someone rescued a driver from his burning car during a fatal accident on Highway 3 earlier this week.

That drivers' son is taking to social media and talking to CTV News in the hopes of finding the man who saved his fathers' life.

Nayam Ibrahim, 45, could very well have died earlier this week in an awful car crash on Highway 3, but because one unidentified person stepped up, he's alive. He’s seriously injured, but alive.

“He's all bruised all over from the seatbelt, its bad,” says his son Matt Ibrahim.

Matt Ibrahim says his dad’s right foot is shattered in seven spots and they can't operate for eight days because it’s so swollen.

Injuries he will survive, but only because one person did the right thing on Wednesday, after witnessing this crash.

“The car coming towards him, swerved off the road and then into on-coming traffic,” says Matt Ibrahim. “He remembers the accident for about a second unbeknownst to Ibrahim his car was on fire.

“He had pulled over to the passenger seat himself and then he remembers putting his arm around buddies neck and then he woke up in the ambulance.”

But Nahim's rescuer was gone.

“As soon as I found out that somebody pulled him out I made a status on Facebook,” says Matt Ibrahim.

Ibrahim says because of comments online, he thinks he knows who the hero is – Philippe Lalonde - but as of now the two haven't connected.

“I feel like I owe him a huge favour,” says Matt Ibrahim.

Police say the grey car swerved into Ibrahim's path on Highway 3. Ibrahim told his family he tried to avoid a crash, but ended up T-boning the car on the passenger side.

Police say the passenger in the Saturn, 29-year-old woman, was taken to an area hospital and was pronounced dead.

The couple in the grey Saturn is from Brush Colorado. The 34-year-old man is still in a Detroit hospital with critical injuries.