Managers at Lakeshore Cinemas hope to be open Wednesday after the ceiling of their entranceway collapsed.

Gina Facca from Imagine Cinemas says no customers were injured, after a burst pipe caused the entranceway ceiling to collapse. Facca says no one was on their way inside the cinema when the collapse occurred.

"We saw some water coming from the vestibule and it just started coming quicker and quicker and in about five minutes the vestibule area roof just collapsed," says Facca.

Alarm bells went off, and that turned off projectors. Facca says movie-goers were safely evacuated.

“We had a couple hundred people coming out and wondering what the alarm was all about," says Facca.

Clean up began just a short time later.

Restorations companies say it’s been a busy period for them.  James Basden from Parker Construction says calls for burst pipes are common when the temperature drops.

Not surprising, home heating service firms, plumbers, and tow truck operators all say it’s been a struggle to keep up with the calls.