WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Lake Erie Guardians, a select group of like-minded citizen scientists who keep a watchful eye on Lake Erie and its watershed is receiving $49,955 from the Ontario government to help protect the precious body of water.

There are one of 44 projects province-wide to receive funding through the new Great Lakes Local Action Fund that will dish out a total of $1.9 Million in Funding.

“The health of the Great Lakes is closely connected to our province’s health and prosperity – supplying water to our communities, sustaining traditional activities of Indigenous peoples and providing healthy ecosystems for recreation and tourism,” said David Piccini, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. “This funding allows local organizations and groups to take environmental actions in their own communities – building a better future with clean, green growth.”

The Lake Erie Guardians encourages youth leaders from the Lake Erie watershed to become Guardians by conducting water quality tests, planting trees and shrubs, and collecting litter along shorelines.